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Outdoor Advertising

Billboards & Posters

YesUp has an extensive network of advertising locations throughout Ontario, Canada, including all major towns and cities. Our advertising options include single billboards/posters for local advertising, and advertising packs with multiple advertising locations to increase your brand exposure.

Signage Display Ads

Signage Display Ads can instantly enhance visibility with creative signs that draw attention to your brand and get your message across to your customers. Years of experience and affordable prices, coupled with talented staff, provides a winning solution for our customers. Please inquire about your signage needs.

Media management

Event Planning

YesUp provides event management services for corporate events, business meetings, trade shows, product announcements, and private events. Businesses of all types have come to us for help with their events, including all their event planning, event promotion and event production needs.

Newspaper, Radio & TV Advertising

With all the media buying choices, it takes an experienced media buyer to help you achieve rating points that result in reaching a higher percentage of your market. YesUp has long-standing broadcast relationships that range from local and syndicated programming to regional and national networks. With a strategic media program in place, you will increase your brand exposure and top-of-mind awareness with your audience through newspaper, radio advertising and television commercials.

Printing & Distribution

Printing & Distribution

Our creative team understands what it takes to draw attention to your brand in printed media. And our experienced media buyers know how to recommend just the right frequency to get your message noticed. Moreover, we provide flyer distribution with a GPS tracking service. You can see your flyers being delivered in real-time through our GPS tracking system.

Door Hanger Distribution

Door hangers are an eye-catching way to grab your customers' attention and create sales through instant interaction when they walk to their front door. YesUp uses the door-to-door delivery method to put door hangers with your message in the hands of customers.