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YesUp Media Inc

Respond Quickly to Market Changes and to transform new technology into simple solutions.

About Us

YesUp Ecommerce Solutions has over 10 years experience in the online advertising industry. The company was founded by brothers Jeff and Patrick Zeng in 1999. It provided various digital media solutions for businesses that want to take themselves to the next level. In October 2014, YesUp Ecommerce merged with Promobiz, a full-service multicultural advertising agency, previously owned by Steven Guan, for a win-win combination. The merged companies officially changed their name to YesUp Media Inc..

YesUp Media Inc. offers a broad spectrum of services from online to offline marketing, as well as web and mobile development services. We understand the importance of ROI and the impact of great content. We not only help clients navigate through the ever-changing online marketplace and provide them with dynamic solutions, but also aim to provide the best traditional marketing portfolio to maximize their business exposure in the local markets. We view our clients as long term partners and deliver success through dedication, commitment and measurable results.


• To be the #1 multimedia marketing agency in North America.

• To provide powerful and cost effective exposure for small and medium enterprises

• To change the way small and medium enterprises are marketed now and in the future


Cutting Edge

Our company is committed to technological growth and continuous innovation for our marketing solutions.


Through our commitment to growth and innovation, we have aided in setting a new standard for offline and online marketing for our past clients.


YesUp Media has developed digital and traditional marketing solutions to create a well-rounded marketing program to not only reach our client's advertising goals, but also help them expand their business.

Our Values:

YesUp has overcome many roadblocks over the years. We stay competitive in this growing industry by sticking to our four core values.


Our forward-thinking minds are guided by our love for technology. Our commitment stems from this passion. We work day and night to stir up the optimal digital solution for our customers.


We aim to provide effective yet efficient answers for our clients. We stay competitive by always exceeding expectations.


We foster an open door policy. Interaction, discussion and ideas are highly encouraged from the team. This helps improve our productivity.


We treat everyone with mutual respect. We do not tolerate discrimination around the office. We encourage employees to strategically solve problems, which yields maximum results.


• 1999: YesUp was established.

• 2001: YesUp was incorporated. Jeff and Patrick Zeng, the two brothers (CEO and Director, respectively) rented a 500 sqft office without heat and air conditioning. The company only consisted of 5 people at the time.

• 2004: YesUp’s most competitive product, Clicksor was launched. It was the start of a new era for YesUp.

• 2008: New products were launched, including AdOnion, Anpopo & An’s family and MyAdMarket. The company size also doubled. With quick and steady development, YesUp moved to a larger office while the number of employees boomed from 15 to 34. YesUp established a new branch in Guangzhou, China as well.

• 2009: YesUp moved to 565 Gordon Baker Road and restructured the company. The new location was 35,000 sqft. 10,000 sqft was used for office space and 25,000 sqft used for the data center. By organizing departments and redrafting job descriptions, YesUp created a clear and concise hierarchy for all positions. They also moved up the scale as a medium-sized business.

• 2010: YesUp constructed its own 25,000 sqft data center. It uses the latest Green technology in the industry. This allowed YesUp to meet their customers’ needs and demands on a local basis. Meanwhile, YesUp’s team of 80+ employees launched the dedicated hosting and High Speed Internet services which are focused in Ontario and Québec. YesUp’s proficient engineers, dedicated 24/7 staff and exclusive technology ensure minimal latency and fast connections to the Internet.

• 2014: YesUp merged with Promobiz, a full-service multicultural advertising agency, which allowed YesUp to further expand their marketing services. YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. officially change name to YesUp Media Inc. to better express the new services and products portfolio. YesUp Media Inc. not only helps clients navigate through the ever-changing online marketplace and provide them with dynamic solutions, but also aim to provide the best traditional marketing portfolio to maximize business exposure in the local markets.

• 2015 – present: YesUp Media moved to its current location, 200 Consumers Road (Unit 308) and restructured the company due to the expansion.